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Root Canals & Therapy

Root canals (also known as 'Endodontics') have received bad press over the years. However, there's no need to fear. With our sophisticated equipment and emphatic concern for your personal comfort, this procedure is mildly uncomfortable at best. Furthermore, for most patients, it's a welcome relief to the pain that they had experienced prior to the procedure.

Root Canals & Therapy

A root canal is required when the soft tissue within a tooth has become inflamed or infected. For this procedure, our doctor will gently remove this tissue, disinfect the area, apply a filling, and cap the tooth with a protective crown.

Tooth Maintenance

Even if you are not experiencing any problems, it is still necessary to visit your dentist every 6 months in order to prevent damage from occurring. Regular visits allow us to monitor your oral health and catch any issues before they become big issues.

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